The England-based international ticketing services company See Tickets announced a data breach this week that impacted over 300,000 customers.

According to a filing with the authorities in the state of Maine, the Vivendi Ticketing-owned company claimed 333,498 people were affected during a breach earlier this year. However, the company did not become aware of unusual activity until May, and the breach was not entirely discovered until July 21.

In the filing, See Tickets said its third-party cyber forensic specialists determined that unauthorized parties inserted malicious code into a number of its e-commerce checkout pages, gaining access to customer names, addresses, and payment card information between February 28 and July 2, 2023.

“Please know that protecting your personal information is something we take very seriously,” See Tickets said in a statement to the affected customers. “We conducted a diligent investigation to confirm the nature and scope of the compromise. We also took steps to reduce the likelihood of a similar incident occurring in the future, and we continue to make additional improvements that strengthen our cybersecurity protections.”

The company noted that while they do not have evidence that any information has been fraudulently used, they will offer 12 months of complementary identity monitoring and identity restoration services through Kroll.

Anyone with further questions regarding the breach is urged to reach out to See Tickets’s assistance line at (866) 731-2485.

Last Updated on September 7, 2023