Just in time for Halloween season, the show “Saw The Musical: The Unauthorized Parody” is making its debut Off-Broadway.

“Saw The Musical: The Unauthorized Parody” debuted Off-Broadway at AMT Theatre on September 16. It is set for a limited run through January 1, 2024.

The Cooper Jordan parody, which takes inspiration from the “Saw” horror franchise, captures events from the first “Saw” film, following characters Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheight after they first met one another. The play, however, is not scary — it’s a comedy.

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Stephanie Rosenberg will direct the 100-minute show.

Bart Shatto will play the role of Gordon alongside Adam Parbhoo as Adam and Jill Owen as Amanda/Alli/Jigsaw, and Donnell Johnson as Detective Tapp. Danny Durr, Gabrielle Goodman, Patrick Voss Davis, James Lynch, Thomas Skea, Morgan Traud, and Jessica Morilak will round-out the cast.

While the show is a parody, organizers suggest audiences above the age of 16, noting that there are “adult themes.” Those in the first two rows of seats are encouraged not to wear clothing that could easily be stained, “unless a blood splatter splash or two or three would go with your outfit.”

“Saw X,” the 10th movie in the franchise, will hit theaters on September 29. While all of the Saw films revolve around the sadistic serial killer Jigsaw, the ninth film in the franchise — 2021’s “Spiral” — follows a “copycat killer.”

Find more information on the show here.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023