Next time you search for a song on Shazam, you’ll be able to see upcoming local concerts amid a new in-app feature.

Shazam, the popular music identification app, allows people to discover music by using a microphone to detect a song’s name and artist based on a short sample. Now, the Apple-owned app introduced a new “concerts” feature, allowing users to find nearby concerts.

After identifying a song, users can find upcoming concerts displayed below the track screen or on the artist page. Then, fans can tap “tickets,” which will be allow them to purchase tickets directly from the ticket provider’s website, with more information provided from bandsintown.

Users can also access the “concerts” section of the app under “My Music,” which includes recommendations based on their Shazam history. In this section, users will be able to browse artists, filter by date and location, and view trending concerts. They’ll also have the ability to set reminders about upcoming shows and view their tickets in the app. Select artists will offer exclusive content in the app as well, including behind-the-scenes videos, tour photos, and set lists.

Concert information can also be found via 

This follows Apple’s previously-announced feature with iOS 17 that allows iPhone users to discover upcoming concerts when searching for an artist in “Spotlight.”