Los Angeles Clippers fans can score a special pass allowing them to pick first-come, first-serve seats this coming season.

The seats are a part of “The Wall” — a fan section behind the opposing team’s basket at the Intuit Dome. Those wishing to catch the game in this section can purchase an “Ultimate Wall Pass,” which is priced at $1,299 before fees, equating to around $32 per game. Pass holders will have assigned seats when they arrive at the arena, but could sit as close as Row 3 in the section.

“For Clippers fans who want a ticket to every game, with a price that won’t run up the score, meet the Ultimate Wall Pass,” the team’s website reads. “At HALF the price of a season ticket, you can get access to all regular season home games in The Wall at Intuit Dome.”

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Fans can also have a chance to sit with their friends; the pass includes a “sit-with-friend” feature to reserve seats next to others who have a ticket in that section. Pass holders can even share the pass with four other ticketholders for an additional $800. Other amenities include a dedicated entrance to the arena, discounted concessions, and early access to playoffs tickets.

The passes are non-transferable and fans must be 18 years or older to purchase. The Clippers noted that exact seats are not guaranteed until arrival at the game. For more information about the Ultimate Game Pass, click here.

The Clippers are set to take on the Mavericks on Sunday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 23. Find various ticketing options below:

Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

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Clippers tickets at Clippers’ Official Website
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Clippers tickets at Ticket Club | Free membership with code TICKETNEWS

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