“The Opposite of Love” is poised to take place at the Royal Performing Arts Space. Penned by the playwright and co-star Ashley Griffin, performances are slated to begin May 28 before opening night on May 30 – with a limited engagement until June 15. 

Set to star alongside Griffin is Danny Gardner, with Kelly Merrit as production stage manager, Emily Katherine as assisted stage manager, scenic design by Brendan McCann and lighting design by Zach Pizza. 

Directed by Rachel Klein, “The Opposite of Love” delves into the unlikely bond that forms between two individuals from contrasting worlds, navigating the complex landscape of relationships and healing. 

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Griffin, whose personal journey inspired the creation of “The Opposite of Love,” draws from her experience as a survivor of sexual trauma and the complexities of modern relationships.

“…I was thrown into a culture where dates felt like auditions (casting couch and all) and people were treated as a commodity,” Griffin said in a statement. “The Opposite of Love was born out of a desire to hold a mirror up to the issues we encounter when trying to form romantic relationships in today’s environment.”

Gayle Waxenberg, founder and executive director of NewYorkRep, praises Griffin’s courage in addressing such sensitive subject matter, acknowledging the play’s ability to spark meaningful dialogue.

“The quandary of dating in today’s complicated world of mixed expectations is fraught with anxiety for most,” Griffin said. “Add in those dealing with any trauma; a bit more nerve wracking. For victims of sexual assault who often struggle with finding their own healthy sense of sexuality, perhaps even a nightmare. That’s why NewYorkRep found Ashley Griffin’s words in this play brave, poignant, and theatrically just delightful.”