With the Paris Paralympic Games approaching, organizers are ramping up efforts to boost ticket sales, which have so far fallen short of expectations. 

Scheduled to take place between August 28 and September 8, the Paralympic Games will mark the first time France will host the games. Despite the historic significance, public engagement remains tepid, with the majority of tickets—600,000 out of 900,000—being bought by French public sector organizations and the Olympic and Paralympic committees rather than individual fans.

In response, the Paris 2024 organizing committee has unveiled a series of billboard and online advertisements featuring prominent French Paralympic athletes. The campaign launched 100 days before the event, carries the tagline: “We aren’t missing anything, only you.”

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Julie Mathikine, brand director for Paris 2024, emphasized the critical nature of this push. “We want to say to everyone, French people first: it’s time to mobilise around the Paralympics,” she stated. “It’s a shock advertising campaign, to create a reaction, to make people understand and realise.”

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The urgency and enthusiasm of the campaign were further highlighted in a marketing email sent out to potential attendees. The email read:

“After the Olympic Games, the celebrations will continue with just as much fervour for the Paralympic Games. Athletes from all over the globe have a date with destiny. They are in peak condition, well-practised and determined; all they need is their fans’ support, your support. You have 100 days to get ready for this event and celebrate the first-ever summer Paralympic Games to be hosted in France. We need you with us to make history!”

However, despite the current slow pace of sales, Michael Aloisio, deputy director general of Paris 2024, remains optimistic. He drew parallels with the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, where a significant portion of tickets—around 40%—were sold only after the conclusion of the Olympics. 

Additionally, in an effort to make the event more accessible, over 200,000 tickets are priced at €15 (£13/$16) and are available for a variety of sports.

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