Acclaimed Tony Award-winner Laura Benanti returned to the Off-Broadway stage with her solo comedy, ‘Nobody Cares.” After a successful three-night run at Audible’s Minetta Lane Theatre earlier this year, the show returned on May 9 and is slated to run through June 2. 

Described by Benanti as “a love letter to ingenues, and recovering ingenues, and moms, and anybody working on themselves,” “Nobody Cares” offers a perspective on self-acceptance and authenticity. 

For Benanti, this show marks a departure from her previous solo concerts as she takes on the roles of both writer and musician. Collaborating with Todd Almond, who serves as music director and co-writer, Benanti delves into her own experiences and struggles.

In a recent interview with Playbill, Benanti shared her excitement about presenting a more intimate side of herself. 

“Getting to be a 44-year-old woman, I am now in a space where I just care a lot less about what people think of me, and I think that is a nice message to send to other women who are currently experiencing that,” Benanti said. “Also, young women, who are still in that prescriptive place of, ‘You’ve got to be a nice girl, and you’ve got to make people happy, and you have to smile,’ because you don’t.”

Joining Benanti onstage are vocalists Barrie Lobo McLain and Chelsea Lee Williams, who portray her “Inner Demons.”

The creative team behind “Nobody Cares” includes Japhy Weideman’s lighting design, Connor Wang’s soundscapes, Garrett Kerr as production stage manager and supervision of Hudson Theatrical Associates’ Sean Gorsk.

Find tickets to “Nobody Cares” here.

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