Have you ever been to a concert alone? According to a new study, conducted by secondary ticketing site viagogo, nearly 7 in 10 women opt out of going solo to a gig.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 participants, found that women are twice as likely to avoid going to a show alone due to anxiety, noting that they avoid these situations because they feel “unsafe” or not “confident enough.” Additionally, the report found that women are three times more likely to struggle with confidence and safety concerns compared to men.

While women were less likely to attend solo, the study found that those who did face their fears felt more confident, with 20% saying they felt “happier” having done it. The research also pointed to a shift in thinking; two in five people plan on attending a gig alone and want to venture out to feel a greater sense of freedom and have more “control over the acts they see at festivals.”

Following the results, viagogo shared a new initiative, dubbed “Solo Socials.” The first free pre-show event is set to take place ahead of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour gig on May 22, which will include games, quizzes, and performances hosted by drag queens. Solo concertgoers can meet others at the event at Mrs Riot in Covent Garden, London. Register for the Solo Socials event here.

viagogo also released a “Solo Going Gig Guide,” which is presented as follows:

S — Seize the Opportunity

O –Open up to a New Experience

L — Let Family and Friends Support You

O — Own It

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G — Get Lost In the Music

I — Immerse Yourself

G — Get Prepared

Find the full guide below:


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