In the wake of the relocation of Take That’s Manchester gigs from the Co-op Live venue to the AO Arena, Ticketmaster finds itself at the center of a storm of irritated fans.

The transition, prompted by technical issues at Co-op Live, has left many ticket holders frustrated and disappointed with some demanding refunds due to what they perceive as inadequate seating arrangements.

The shift in venue brought about a wave of complaints from fans who found themselves assigned seats that were worse than the original sections they paid for. Many voiced their discontent on social media platforms, expressing frustration over what they perceived as a lack of transparency and responsiveness from Ticketmaster’s customer service.

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Amidst the chaos, Ticketmaster responded to the mounting pressure by reiterating that refunds are indeed available for ticket holders who find themselves dissatisfied with their new seating arrangements. In a statement, Ticketmaster said: 

“With Take That’s shows moving to a new venue with a different layout, our team has worked with the event promoter to move fans to a location as similar to their original booking as possible.However, some seating locations will vary. We appreciate fans’ understanding, and reiterate that refunds are available through their Ticketmaster account.”

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However, despite assurances from Ticketmaster, some fans have reported difficulties in obtaining refunds through the Ticketmaster website. Complaints range from unresponsive support to confusing refund procedures, leaving ticket holders feeling frustrated.

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In response to concerns by ticket holders, AO Arena general manager Jen Mitchell released a statement: 

“We completely sympathise with the fans over the past few weeks. Ticketing providers are working incredibly hard to do what they can to allocate the best appropriate equivalent seats for upcoming shows, and to make sure fans are as well located as they can be based on original bookings.

“As a venue we don’t manage ticketing. Our responsibility is to make sure everyone gets in and has a great, safe time on the night. And of course, we’re really pleased to be able to host these shows at AO Arena and keep them in Manchester for fans over five massive nights. We advise fans to contact their ticket provider with any queries or issues.”