The organizers of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics announced that the swimming events will be held at SoFi Stadium. This decision represents a departure from the original plan and is part of a broader strategy to leverage existing venues and maximize ticket revenue for the event.

SoFi Stadium, primarily known as the home of the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, is set to become the largest swimming venue in Olympic history. With a capacity to hold 38,000 fans, it more than doubles the originally planned temporary venue at the University of Southern California’s baseball stadium, which would have accommodated around 17,500. 

This increase in capacity is expected to enhance the fans experience and generate significant additional revenue through ticket sales. Additionally, by using established facilities, the LA28 committee aims to reduce the need for new construction and minimize environmental impact. 

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The relocation of swimming to SoFi Stadium, in particular, has been met with enthusiasm by organizers. 

“I have no doubt that it will be the biggest attended swim meet in this country’s history, and maybe the most spectacular swim meet ever,” Casey Wasserman, chairman of the organizing committee, said.