In a move designed to protect consumers, Connecticut’s General Assembly is considering a proposed bill that would prohibit sports teams, concert promoters, theater producers or venues from punishing season ticket holders who decide to resell some or all of their tickets. House Bill 6516, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Jim... Read more
Richard Vitale, the former accountant and political influence peddler who tried to help Massachusetts ticket brokers in getting favorable legislation passed in 2007 and 2008, has been indicted on unrelated corruption charges, along with his friend and former state House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. In addition to Vitale and DiMasi,... Read more
New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram added two New Jersey ticket brokers to the list of three companies her office is suing for fraud for their part in allegedly selling tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s fall concerts at Giants Stadium before tickets were publicly available. The original lawsuit named TicketNews’s... Read more
Continuing a recent trend of legislators taking on the issue of speculative sales of tickets on the secondary market, New Jersey Democratic Assemblymen Fred Scalera and Gary Schaer are lending their voices to the debate. The two are in the midst of drafting a proposed bill that they plan... Read more
New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram has filed suit against secondary ticket companies TicketNetwork and New Jersey-based Select-A-Ticket for allegedly selling tickets to upcoming Bruce Springsteen concerts before the tickets were available. Also named in the lawsuit is TicketNetwork ticket resale partner Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. TicketNetwork is the parent... Read more
A Texas couple who wanted to give their 12-year-old son a special present of Dallas Cowboys tickets last season is suing the ticket broker who allegedly kept their money and never delivered them. Joe and Ashley Fisher of Lumberton, TX paid broker John Landry of Landry’s Tickets $1,255.70 for... Read more
The ordinance that was proposed in Cheyenne, WY, to try to control street ticket scalping for the extremely popular Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) – 540,000 people over the course of 10 days – was withdraw, TicketNews has confirmed. City Attorney Dan White said that as of May 14, “the... Read more
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has signed into law a new bill that aims to make ticket resale more transparent in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The bill, SF0759, requires promoters, venues and others to release to the general public all available tickets for an event, and the law prohibits... Read more
A new bill introduced this week in the New York State Assembly could devastate the secondary ticket market in the Empire State by calling for caps on what brokers can charge for resold tickets and establishing a new waiting period for reselling tickets. Proposed by Democratic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky... Read more
In an atmosphere of increasing controversy and litigation surrounding the ticket resale industry, the Alabama legislature is considering a bill that would ease ticket resale laws in the state by repealing a licensing requirement, in addition to other changes. Originally introduced by Republican Rep. Cam Ward, the proposed bill,... Read more