As the nation continues to grapple with an economy teetering on recession, the issue of how much the current economic landscape will affect sports and ticketing remains an open question. Experts have long considered professional sports to be recession-proof, in part because of the willingness of fans to continue... Read more
Unfortunately for the street scalpers outside of the Carrier Dome for Syracuse University football games, times are a little tough because the team appears to be facing another losing season. While ticket resale is legal in New York State, some scalpers interviewed by WSYR-TV recently said ticket deals are... Read more
While the outcome for University of Virginia football fans was not what they would have hoped last week when the team lost at home to USC, at least anyone who was willing to pay for tickets could buy them from scalpers. The City of Charlottesville, VA does not restrict... Read more
Despite the secondary ticket market becoming a more popular choice for many people, there are still many others who are afraid to use any of the online ticket reselling Web sites. The independent non-profit organization Consumer Reports released a report on how buyers can find a great tickets online.... Read more
Gangs of British ticket touts – scalpers – have descended on Beijing and are dealing in Olympics tickets despite warnings by the Chinese authorities that scalpers would be punished severely. The touts have travelled from London, Manchester and Liverpool to offload and even buy more tickets. The scalpers are... Read more
Local Las Vegas television station KLAS last week covered Ticket Summit 2008, the largest trade show and convention for the secondary ticket industry. In the video below, news anchor Gary Waddell not only covers the event, he also speaks to Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork, the host of the... Read more
Twisted Sister founder and guitarist Jay Jay French has created a rock anthem for a new political generation. Recorded by Jay Jay French and Friends, “I Want Barack” is a rewrite using the template of one of the biggest anthems of the ’80s and one of Twisted Sister’s biggest... Read more
Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino and his company have been in the news frequently over the past few months signing mega-deals with the likes of Jay-Z, Shakira and Madonna. Rapino appeared on CNBC’s PowerLunch recently to discuss the company’s future. (see video here) Rapino talked about the economic situation... Read more
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When it comes to ticket resale and the law, most consumer advocates agree that it is the customer that loses. Colman Herman, a consumer advocate in Massachusetts, agrees with that notion and says the resale law in the Bay State was supposed to be designed to protect consumers, but... Read more