Despite the secondary ticket market becoming a more popular choice for many people, there are still many others who are afraid to use any of the online ticket reselling Web sites. The independent non-profit organization Consumer Reports released a report on how buyers can find a great tickets online. (See video below)

Many people think that ticket reselling is still an illegal practice, but Consumer Reports is quick to point out that online ticket sites like StubHub, RazorGator and TicketsNow are “quite legitimate.”

“Reseller sites generally don’t sell any tickets at all, but they’re open marketplaces. They’re trading posts, much as eBay is and Craigslist is,” Consumer Reports Todd Marks said. “Where they facilitate deals between buyers and sellers.”

Just like the organization does with any good or service, they tested the market to see how to get the best deal. Tracking tickets to a New York Yankees baseball game and a Carlos Santana concert, they were able to find tickets to both at or below face value.

ticketflipping provides valuable tools for ticket resale professionals

The tips they give consumers include buying tickets before they go on sale through pre-sales and tracking tickets over multiple sites.

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