Alison Krauss is a critically acclaimed American bluegrass-country vocalist and musician. Though she sings and fiddles both on her records and in concert, she also performs with a full backing band, regularly billed as Alison Krauss & Union Station.

Krauss has released about 10 studio albums including her 1987 debut “Too Late to Cry,” but not gaining momentum on the mainstream country charts until her third release “I’ve Got That Old Feeling,” in 1991. She has made multiple contributions to film soundtracks, most notably pairing with Gilliam Welch for “I’ll Fly Away” in the 2001 film “O Brother Where Art Thou?” and with Sting for “You Will Be My Ain True Love” in the 2004 film “Cold Mountain.”

Krauss has gained the most notice outside of her genre for the October 2007 release “Raising Sand,” which she developed with former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant. The effort won Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album and Album of the Year, as well as Record of the Year for the song “Please Read the Letter.” Krauss and Plant toured together to support the project throughout 2008, visiting concert halls and theaters across North America and Europe.