Formed in 2000, Brand New is a five member alternative rock band out of Levittown, New York. The band is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jesse Lacey, guitarist Vincent Accardi, guitarist and keyboardist Derrick Sherman, bassist Garret Tierney and drummer Brian Lane. Lacey, Tierney, and Lane were all former members of the late 1990’s band The Rookie Lot but eventually split off and formed their new band with two new members.

Brand New has had contracts with multiple labels, including Tiny Evil, Interscope, Triple Crown, and Iodine. Their first album, “Your Favorite Weapon” which was released in 2001 was described as a moderate success, selling just over 50,000 copies. “Deja Entendu” was their second album which was an improvement from their first, debuting at number 63 on the Billboard 200.