Dem. Senator Hints that Ticket Transparency Legislation is Coming
Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar hinted at the potential for upcoming legislation aimed at the ticketing industry, specifically related to increasing transparency for consumers. The Democrat indicated that something is in the works during a recent interview with NPR related to the Ticketmaster/Live Nation role in the Taylor Swift fiasco... Read more
U.S. Senate to Hold Hearing on Competition in Ticketing Industry
Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Mike Lee (R-UT) announced plans to hold a hearing to examine the lack of competition in the ticketing industry in the wake of the Taylor Swift debacle that has dominated headlines for more than a week. The senators are the Chair and Ranking Member... Read more
Fuller: Does What Happened In D.C. Stay In D.C.?
By: Eric Fuller Yesterday, February 26, 2020 there was yet another ticket hearing on Capitol Hill. Congress is looking into whether the ways in which live event tickets are sold disadvantage consumers. The answer is not complex. It’s yes. There to be questioned were representatives from six big ticketing... Read more