Former “Star Search II” and “American Idol” contestant, David Archuleta released his debut, self-titled album in 2008 at the age of 18. It hit number two on the “Billboard 200” chart and sold over 900,000 albums worldwide. Archuleta was one of the youngest contestants to make it to the finale on “American Idol” when he was 16. His Latin / Soul influenced style is a product of his upbringing, being the son of a Honduran vocalist who would encourage him to listen and dance to traditional music.

His passion for music started when he was just six years old, after seeing a video of “Les Miserables.” The young star’s climb to fame was not without peril, however. In 2003, Archuleta began having trouble singing, and was later diagnosed with vocal paralysis, forcing him to choose between surgery or vocal therapy. Fearful of the repercussions of surgery, Archuleta endured years of therapy before ultimately regaining his voice. He released his latest album, “Christmas from the Heart,” in 2009, and is scheduled to release a third album in 2010.