Live Nation, Sports Orgs Fight Consumer Ticket Rights in Georgia
Professional sports teams and promoters including Live Nation Entertainment have come out strong in opposition to proposed legislation in Georgia that would protect consumer rights on tickets they’ve purchased. Industry representatives and lobbyists have shown up in force to a pair of committee hearings in Georgia this week, hoping... Read more
Georgia Legislation Proposes Consumer-Friendly Ticket Transfer Reform
Georgia is among the states looking to put consumer-friendly ticket resale reform into law this year, with Senate Bill 495 introduced earlier this month. The bill is similar to legislation under consideration in Florida, in that it introduces a requirement for consumer choice in the format that a ticket... Read more
Ticket Transferability an Increasing Priority of Younger Consumers
A growing body of research shows that consumers increasingly prefer more flexible travel plans. New generations, pioneering new habits in many areas such as consumption, business life and daily basics, expect the ability to change their schedules, and event operators should be paying attention to the growing trend. “The... Read more