Each year the World Series is the culmination of a long season in Major League Baseball. Thirty teams take to the field every spring to work hard, and have a chance to play on the sports biggest stage. For players, they are often judged not on what statistics that can compile from April though September, but what they can do in October trough the playoffs and into the World Series. For teams, not winning the World Series can define the entire franchise, from the Boston Red Sox who went 86 years between titles to the Chicago Cubs who are stilled entrenched in a more than 100 year championship drought. Then there are the Yankees who have won an astounding 26 World Series titles as of 2009.

Ticket sales for baseball are often at their best in the major markets like New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. But come World Series time, ticket sales will get big boost no matter who is playing in the series. In 2007, the Colorado Rockies qualified for their first World Series in club history, and demand for tickets was high, and uproar ensued when the team’s site crashed during ticket sales. As with any sporting event, prices on the secondary market grow dependent on the match-up. Sales were among the best ever in 2004 when the Red Sox qualified for the World Series due to immense fan interest.

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World Series Dominates Best-Sellers For Third Day
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World Series Maintains No. 1 Spot On Monday Best-Sellers
The World Series took the No. 1 selling spot for the second day in a row as the Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros series kicks off tonight. According to Ticket Club sales data, the series took the top four spots on Monday’s best-sellers.  One of Rod Stewart’s Las Vegas... Read more
Nationals Fans Struggle To Buy World Series Presale Tickets
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World Series Takes Over Weekend Best-Sellers
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World Series 2018 Tops Weekend Best-Selling Events
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