The virtual waiting room strikes again.

Fans have been facing difficulties purchasing presale tickets during Ticketmaster’s virtual waiting rooms; fans typically receive a code and wait in a virtual queue, but never make it to checkout. We’ve seen it with Taylor Swift’s Lover Fests presale and Billie Eilish’s presale for her Where Do We Go? Tour. Now, frustrated Washington Nationals fans are complaining about the process while trying to purchase NLCS presale tickets to the World Series, which was run through – a subsidiary of Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

The Nationals and Houston Astros are set to face-off in seven games starting tomorrow, October 22 through October 30. Tickets went on sale Friday, but many fans took to Twitter to explain how the site kept crashing and they received error codes. After waiting for nearly an hour, no more tickets were left.

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Similar to Eilish and Swift’s presales, the waiting rooms left people waiting for nothing. When people eventually got through the estimated wait time, either no more tickets were left, or they were for sale at inflated prices. Some weren’t even lucky enough to make it through the wait time and were met with error messages or were unable to add tickets to their cart. Even if tickets were available, many fans could not purchase them, calling the situation a “mess.”

It seems that these virtual waiting rooms cause more grief than relief. While ticketing sites aim to make the process simpler, it may be easier to just go back to how things used to be.