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New Juniper Research report stress global increase in mobile ticketing

PRESS RELEASE: "More Than 1 in 10 Mobile Subscribers to Use Mobile Ticketing in 2014 Globally, Says New Juniper Report"

HAMPSHIRE, England (BUSINESS WIRE) April 6, 2010 - A new study by Juniper Research has forecast that more than 1 in 10 mobile subscribers will either have a ticket delivered to their mobile phone or buy a ticket with their phone by 2014. This represents a five-fold growth over the next five years.

The Mobile Ticketing report found that services are developing fastest in the transport sector, with SMS, bar code and, increasingly, app driven services being offered by rail & metro companies and airlines.

The potential for rail, metro & bus mobile ticketing is shown by early adopter market hotspots such as Japan, Scandinavia and Austria. Global impetus is being added by the rapidly growing number of airlines offering not only mobile boarding passes but ticket booking and payment as well. Beyond transport, mobile ticketing is already seeing traction across a wide range of sporting and entertainment venues including baseball, concerts and movies.

Report author Howard Wilcox stated: “Our research established that ticketing providers are exploiting apps to deliver innovative offerings - not just on smart phones either. One of the keys to widespread acceptance is going to be the ease for users of 'silent' equipping via pre-installation. Telecom Italia’s new SIM cards for 2010 are a good example.”

Juniper Research gained unique market insight on top trends, issues and likely future developments directly from the heart of the market through its primary research interviews with leading mobile ticketing operators, application developers, consultants and vendors. The report includes a detailed five market forecasting suite covering key market parameters.

Further key findings from the report include:

-Europe, Far East & China & North America regions are all forecast to see double digit penetration by 2014

-Growth constraints include multiple ticket scheme environments such as certain transport markets, with their potential resulting user issues such as support and help

Whitepapers and further details of the study 'Mobile Ticketing: Transport, Sport & Entertainment and Events 2009-2014' can be freely downloaded from www.juniperresearch.com.

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.

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