Broadway Ticket Sales Report
Week ending April 8th, 2007

By Carol-Ann Rudy

This has been a bonus week on Broadway, if the total gross receipts are any measure: $22,927,790, a significant increase over the previous reporting period. Twelve productions enjoyed more than 98% full houses, and five of those productions grossed over $1 million.

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Those five were: “Wicked” once again, $1,467,527, showing no sign of losing the top spot, “The Lion King” $1,310,816, “Mary Poppins” $1,275,138, “Jersey Boys” $1,177,721, and lastly “Mamma Mia!” $1,051,224, with all theatres filling seats at 100% capacity….

The remainder doing very well at over 98% capacity were: “The Phantom of the Opera” with $914,632, “Spamalot” with $984,873, “Beauty and the Beast” with $944,373, “Chicago” with $665,092, “A Chorus Line” with $793,068, “Les Miserables” with $700,786, and lastly “Hairspray” with $855,176.

Another seven productions had more than 90% of their seats sold as seen below.

Hanging in there were “Journey’s End” with $150,828 at 35.5% capacity. The next lowest ticket sales were “Talk Radio” with $278,990 at 51.4% capacity.

You liked “Legally Blonde,” the movie? In its first week of previews, it’s certainly been well attended at almost 97%, grossing $794,498.

“The Pirate Queen” opened on April 5th to a 75% capacity and $704,025 in ticket sales.

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Once again, the numbers for “The Coast of Utopia” are combined with “Part 1 – Voyage” playing three performances, “Part 2 – Shipwreck” two performances, and “Part 3 – Salvage” playing two performances for a total gross of $563,793 and close to 92% capacity.