Boston, MA, April 12, 2007 –(PRESS RELEASE)– Jim Holzman, owner of, was the highest bidder of the evening at a charity event hosted at Fenway Park on Saturday night, pledging $31,000 for Fenway Park #1 License Plate.

Twelve Fenway Park license plates were auctioned off at the Saturday night event, with proceeds from the auction and event ticket sales going to benefit the building of a Mini Fenway Park in West Quincy. License plates with players’ numbers and historic years fetched impressive bids, yet no one could top Holzman’s bid for Plate #1….

“Giving back to the community always feels good, but this project is really something special,” said Holzman. As the owner of, Boston’s largest ticket agency, Holzman donates hundreds of sports tickets to local charities and makes charity a priority with his business.

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Through pre-orders for license plates, this past Saturday’s auction, and generous private donations, the Mini Fenway project has raised more than $1 million. The park will serve as a baseball and softball field for area youth, and will be an exact replica of the historic home of the Boston Red Sox. Once builders receive approval from the state, the project will break ground in late spring or early summer 2007.

Creators of the Mini Fenway project have already begun receiving requests from teams and coaches about the potential for playing at the park. And Holzman is thrilled about the park.

“I hope to some day be bringing my kids to play at Mini Fenway, pull into the parking lot with my Fenway #1 plate on my car, and know that I helped make it happen.”