By Carol-Ann Rudy

745 and counting!

Barry Bonds hit his latest home run off Tom Glavine of the New York Mets in an at-home game last night, Tuesday, to narrow the gap between his home run record and Hank Aaron’s career home run record of 755.

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Bonds has already exceeded the HR records of Babe Ruth at 715, Willie Mays at 660, Sammy Sosa at 588, Frank Robinson at 586, Mark McGwire at 583, and other notable players. So far, his health is markedly improved over the past two seasons and he appears to be carrying his weight, throwing his best effort into the game this season.

The San Francisco Giants’ team appears to appreciate the efforts of this seven-time National League Most Valuable Player, eight-time NL Gold Glove winner, and after all, it’s the success of the team that should matter most; if Bonds shines, the Giants shine.

It’s as much a contest to improve public perception of Bonds, as it is a batting contest. The Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling leveled blunt remarks at Bonds in his blog yesterday, but mended his fences today on the same site. It may be that publishing an apology, which was extended to Bonds’ family too, does more harm than good in drawing more attention to his remarks in the first place, but you have to believe Schilling’s apology for his bad-mouthing of Bonds was given with the best intentions.

If you’re keeping track, there are still two days-August 5 and September 30 in the regular baseball season–that he hasn’t hit one out of the diamond.

Incidentally, predicted last week that Barry Bonds will tie Hank Aaron’s career home run record of 755 on June 16—last night ESPN echoed a mid-June date in their evening broadcast.