Fans of the Ottawa Senators lined up all night outside the Scotiabank Place to buy tickets Thursday for the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals, as the organization threatened to crack down on price gouging by resellers.

“We love the Sens and we’re just really excited,” Caroline Eastwood told CTV Ottawa after waiting in line for more than two days. “We’re going to the Stanley Cup finals!”

The Senators will face the Anaheim Ducks in the finals with the first home game to take place on Saturday, June 2. The series begins in Anaheim on Monday.

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The official Senators website lists tickets priced from $129 for standing room to $420 for 100 level club seats.

The tickets, sold on, went public Thursday at 10 a.m. ET, with only about 900 seats available for each game in the Coca-Cola Fan Zone and the standing room section.

There is a limit of two tickets per person for each game.

Meanwhile, team management is threatening to crack down on scalpers and season ticket holders who are reselling tickets at higher prices.

Ottawa Senators Chief Operating Officer Cyril Leeder confirmed to that the organization is trying to curb ticket price gouging.

“We’re reviewing all the online ticket sites now and anybody we find selling tickets at more than face value, we’re revoking the tickets and reselling them to our fans,” Leeder told in a phone interview from Ottawa.

Leeder says his organization is aware of the most egregious websites and is monitoring them.

“We know all these sites, we go onto them, check what tickets are available. Then we go back to our database and find out who the ticketholder is,” said Leeder.

Ticket scalping in Ontario is governed by the Ticket Speculation Act, and people found guilty under this act could be fined a maximum of $5,000. . . (Full Story)

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Last Updated on March 17, 2009