MySpace plans to launch an overhaul to its MySpace Video service tomorrow, complete with a new name, MySpace TV and separate URL. MySpace is currently the number two video host in the U.S, trailing YouTube by about 8 million viewers a month.

According to the New York Times, the new MySpace TV will be available at a separate domain so that those without a MySpace account can still access video from the site’s users.

However MySpace TV is also said to be moving away from user generated content to focus more on professionally created content. For all the hype surrounding user-generated content, it’s still the professional clips that bring in the advertising dollars.

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MySpace TV is not just a name though, the Times says that each MySpace member page will “link to a separate MySpace TV channel, which will display the videos the user has uploaded.”

As with the rest of MySpace, users will be able to unleash their hideous design choices on the web at large — customizing the page as it’s known in the trade.

MySpace also plans to launch an online video editing service later this year to compete with YouTube’s Remixer offering.


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