The New York Post is reporting that the top priced ticket for Mel Brooks’ latest Broadway production will be a real a monster.

The best seats on weekends for “Young Frankenstein,” Brooks’ highly anticipated new Broadway musical, will be priced at a whopping $450, according to a production memo obtained by The Post.

The $450 seats, a record high for Broadway, are being called “premier,” and will be sold along with large blocks of so-called “premium” seats, priced at $375. (Prices drift down to $350 and $275 on weekdays – what a steal!) . .

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These seats, about 250 per performance, are $100 costlier than the most expensive ones for Broadway’s two biggest hits, “Wicked” and “Jersey Boys.”

Clearly, Brooks is confident he’s got a winner on his hands with “Young Frankenstein.” But a lot of industry insiders say the sky-high prices reek of arrogance.

“The show isn’t even running yet, and they’re treating it like it’s already the biggest hit ever, ” one veteran producer sniped yesterday.

Group-sales ticket agents were fuming yesterday, worried that many of their customers will balk at paying such high prices. And ticket brokers – who snap up most of the best seats early so that, if the show’s a hit, they can sell them at even higher prices – fear heavy losses if “Young Frankenstein” isn’t the greatest musical of all time.