By Alfred Branch, Jr.

San Francisco-based in is proving that an environmentally friendly ticketing company cannot only survive in the ultra-competitive ticketing industry but flourish.

The eight-year-old company, which offers soup-to-nuts ticketing solutions for festivals, bands and venues, did not jump on the “Green bandwagon” recently because the topic is hot among the Al Gore set, in’s mission has always been to put the environment first.

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In fact, the company goes so far as to plant a tree for every ticket sold.

“Most of our tickets are made of hemp and recycled paper and materials,” said Jeff White, Vice President of Business Development. “We also use soy ink in a lot of our products.” Since the ticketing process is the first impression that people receive of an event, creates beautifully rendered tickets with original art that often harkens back to the colorful, psychedelic images from the 1960s. These tickets are unique souvenirs of events that fans can cherish for years.. . .

“We want to help enhance the whole experience,” White said.

The company doesn’t stop at just creating artful, one-of-a-kind tickets, it gives its 7,000 clients the ability to control and manage the entire ticketing process with a variety of features, such as touch screen interfaces, paperless will call, website design and white label solutions.

“Our clients are telling us that they want to better understand who their customers are, and what they want,” White said. “And, we’re helping to facilitate that. To do it, we have to be nimble because different venues and festivals have different needs.”

For example, where a music festival attendee might want to know who’s playing, what time and where, a film festival attendee might want to know not only what films are playing but who wrote, directed and stars in them. White said in handles both types of festivals with the same level of service and attention to detail.

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“I think people trust us to provide solid solutions for their events, because they know that we don’t want to do something that we wouldn’t want done to us,” White said. “We’re proud that we’re able to give something back. We add personality to the events we’re associated with. We’re helping to make memories and a positive experience.”