Indianapolis Colts TicketExchange Provides Fans with Online Access to Purchase and Resell Tickets

INDIANAPOLIS, July 23 /Press Release/ — The Indianapolis Colts NFL team has selected Ticketmaster, the world’s leading ticketing company, as the Colts’ exclusive authorized ticket resale provider and beginning in the 2008 season will launch the Colts TicketExchange site where Colts ticket holders may post tickets to home games they are unable to attend for resale to other fans. In addition to serving as the Colts’ exclusive resale provider, Ticketmaster will also continue to serve as the team’s authorized ticketing company for all Colts home games at the RCA Dome in 2007 and the new Lucas Oil Stadium beginning in 2008. . .

Here’s how TicketExchange works: Ticket holders who for any variety of reasons find that they are unable to attend a game, may visit Colts TicketExchange and post their tickets for sale to other Colts fans. Fans looking for tickets may visit TicketExchange to peruse and purchase tickets for Colts’ home games that might be sold out, or to obtain what they may deem to be a more favorable seat location, or to obtain a ticket located in a specific seating section of the venue that might not otherwise be available.

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The TicketExchange transaction is entirely automated and processed by Ticketmaster, the trusted brand for event ticketing. Colts’ fans who purchase tickets through TicketExchange receive a brand new ticket with a new and unique barcode identifying the buyer as the new owner of that ticket. Fans who purchase tickets via TicketExchange may select to have their tickets delivered electronically via TicketFast, Ticketmaster’s online ticket delivery service.

“We want to ensure that our fans have the best event experience possible and this includes providing them with an authorized site to buy and resell tickets and avoid potentially fraudulent online resellers,” said Jay Souers, Vice President of Sponsorship Sales, Indianapolis Colts. “With Ticketmaster, we are receiving the very best ticketing technology and the very best team of professionals to help us grow our ticketing business and better serve our patrons and the team’s fans.”

“The Colts realize that TicketExchange is a valuable service that their fans need, want, and deserve,” said Janeen Woelfer, General Manager, Ticketmaster Indiana. “We’ll continue to work closely with the Colts to introduce TicketExchange and other exciting new services to the team’s many fans. We share the team’s dedication to event-goers and we work hard to ensure that every aspect of the Colts’ expanded ticketing business provides their fans with added value and the best possible scope of services to make it easy and convenient to attend events at the RCA Dome in 2007 and the new Lucas Oil Stadium beginning in 2008.”

About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the world’s leading ticketing company, operating in 20 global markets, providing ticket sales, ticket resale services, marketing and distribution through, one of the largest e-commerce sites on the Internet; approximately 6,500 retail outlets; and 20 worldwide call centers. Ticketmaster celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2006 and currently serves more than 9,000 clients worldwide across multiple event categories, providing exclusive ticketing services for hundreds of leading arenas, stadiums, performing arts venues, museums, and theaters. In 2006, the company sold more than 128 million tickets valued at over $7 billion on behalf of its clients. Ticketmaster is headquartered in West Hollywood, California and is an operating business of IAC .