The Jacksonville Jaguars Monday debuted its new ad campaign, a move to continue to drum up support for the team, which has avoided local blackouts for the last two years, according to Savannah Now. The effort is based around the slogan “Let’s Do This.”

The campaign includes newspaper and billboard ads and two 30-second television spots that will air for five weeks on local over-the-air and cable channels.

The ads will feature several Jaguars players, including running backs Maurice Drew and Fred Taylor, Pro Bowl cornerback Rashean Mathis and first-round draft pick Reggie Nelson, among others.

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In one of the TV spots, Drew is shown getting up at 4:32 a.m. and driving in the dark to the stadium for an offseason workout. When he opens the door to the weight room, he’s surprised to find it filled with players and Taylor says, “Good morning, sleeping beauty.” . . .

In another TV ad, Jacksonville native Mathis is shown jogging through town and eventually to the stadium as he talks to himself about playing the cornerback position.

As he runs up the steps of the stadium, Mathis says that by the end of the play, “I know the ball is in the air. Now, I’m the receiver.”

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