AdesoAdeso Technologies will be exhibiting at next week’s TicketSummit 2007 Convention.

By Alfred Branch, Jr.

What Val Valentino thought would be a simple task turned in a headache and the genesis of something better.

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A few years ago, Valentino, founder and CEO of Adeso Technologies, wanted to go see the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti at the Hollywood Bowl. Not entirely knowledgeable of the facility, he ventured to the website looking for information on its layout and seating.

“The site wasn’t telling me what I wanted to know,” he said. “I wanted to know where seats were and their vantage point, and not being able to do that led me to think of a better way.”

So Valentino created VisualBoxOffice, a software program that allows users to see a three-dimensional map of a stadium or arena to get a better view of where seats are located. The software can be added to a broker’s website, and ticket buyers can easily click on a highlighted section of where the broker is selling seats. . .

The company has mapped dozens of arenas, venues and stadiums, and looks to add more all the time. Valentino digitally maps the inside of the structure after visiting it and speaking with its staff.

Currently, the company has about 135 brokers and venues as clients. Companies buy the software and then pay a monthly maintenance fee (prices vary depending on how many maps a broker wants to display and how detailed they want it).

“What users like is the visual aspect of the software and the speed with which they can buy tickets,” Valentino said. “When you walk into a stadium, you see the sections and where the event is happening, but you don’t then go back to the box office to get a map of the facility. With VisualBoxOffice, it can all be done on one webpage.”

He said the software works well with brokers’ websites because secondary brokers don’t always list the exact seat numbers for their tickets, but they will have the section listed. The VisualBoxOffice rendering can be modified to highlight the specific sections where tickets are available.

The program also indirectly helps brokers and venues with upgraded sales because as a buyer looks at a section they might decide on another, better section because they can easily and quickly check both.

“Buyers can make better decisions on where they want to sit because they have more information at their fingertips,” Valentino said.

Last Updated on July 18, 2007