Despite long lapses of lackadaisical play over the past several years, the Chicago Blackhawks are raising prices for some of its tickets but holding the line on others.

According to the Post-Tribune newspaper, the Hawks froze season ticket prices but raised some individual prices. In every price range, there are different rates for the same United Center seat depending on whether it’s bought on a full-season basis, or one of three partial season ticket plans, or in the days leading to the game, or on the day of the game. . .

In each case, the game-day purchase would be the most expensive, and the season ticket the least costly on a per-game basis. In the 300 Level, for instance, the $40-per-game season ticket in first several rows would cost $41 in the half-season plan, $42 in the 11-game plan, $44 in the five-game plan, $45 bought as a single ticket before game day, and $50 on the day of the game. Last year, the game-night price was $45.

“It’s a heck of a break, up to one-third off,” Hawks spokesman Jim DeMaria said Wednesday of the season ticket price to the game-day cost.

That 33 percent discount applies to the top of the 300 Level, the $10 tickets that would be $15 on game day. It slides to 9 percent for the first row by the glass, $250 on a season-ticket basis and $280 for one game.

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