By Alfred Branch, Jr.

Amir Khalighi believes every broker should have one.

Khalighi is the CEO of TicketPlatform, a marketing and software company for ticket brokers, and what he believes every broker should have is their own identity on the web. Once that is established then they can truly compete.

“Small to mid-sized brokers deserve a share of the market,” Khalighi said, adding that the leading five or six secondary market resellers own the lion share of the market, making it difficult for smaller companies to break in. “They often don’t have the tools to compete, but we give them the tools so that they have a shot.” . . .

In only seven months, TicketPlatform has helped two-dozen brokers create customized websites that incorporate the best in state-of-the-web applications, and are easy to maintain and update. TicketPlatform builds sites that are search-engine optimized and take advantage of Google graphics and sitemap integration, Amazon storefronts to sell CDs or other merchandise and YouTube video integration that allows brokers to place videos of events directly onto their site.

“Our tech team is always working on new integration opportunities and applications,” Khalighi said, adding that the company recently teamed up with TicketNetwork to convert the websites of many of its clients.

If a broker tried to create such dynamic sites on their own, or enlisted a less tech-savvy web design firm or other resources, they could easily spend between $5,000 and $10,000, Khalighi said, but TicketPlatform does it for a one-time design fee of $575 and a monthly subscription fee of $98. Once a contract is signed the process only takes two weeks to complete.

The websites TicketPlatform creates work seamlessly with Plug-In accounts to continue receiving ticket availability information, and it allows for listing up to 500 events with summaries and images. In addition, the sites also feature web-based administration panels that allow brokers to update their sites from anywhere.

“I don’t know of another company that offers such a comprehensive solution, especially on a subscription basis,” Khalighi said.

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TicketPlatform will be exhibiting at this years TicketSummit Trade Show July 17-19 in Las Vegas, NV.

Last Updated on July 9, 2011

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