Phil Scott/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis – When it comes to watching the Colts play this year, it’s a whole new ball game.

Even the pre-season games are sold out. And forget about season tickets. There were already 10,000 names on the waiting list before Indianapolis won the Super Bowl. Now it’s 23,000 and there’s no reason to think someone holding season tickets to the World Champion Colts might have decided they’d rather not sit through their last games under the dome.

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“Oh no.” Seven year season ticket holder Chad Castor shakes his head. “You could not give me enough money to give up my season tickets. There’s no way.”

At Blue Crew Sports Grill in Fishers, there’s a thin blue reason for hope in Janine Henderson’s fingers. It’s a raffle ticket for two season tickets, lower level end zone, part of a local radio station promotion. “My husband will love me forever,” she tells Eyewitness News.

Last Updated on August 11, 2007