There was something off about the guy, the twitchy way he kept peering down at my computer, scanning the screen to avail himself my ample football acumen. I don’t think this was my imagination. After all, the card at his seat (directly behind mine at Qualcomm Stadium) clearly identified him as a scout for the New England Patriots.

And now I fear he has my log-in and my credit card information and has used them to order a boatload of HGH, Viagra and Mexican brown from a Tijuana pharmacy. That’s how they are, these Patriots. And it all starts with the guy at the top, the coach, Bill Belichick.

Now comes word that the NFL has seized videotape shot by another Patriots advance man. He is alleged to have filmed Jets defensive coaches as they were sending signals to the players. Obviously, New England’s 38-14 victory owes much more to this spying than the Brady-to-Moss tandem.

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