TicketNews, the leading source of news and information on the primary and secondary ticketing industry, can now be accessed via Microsoft’s Windows Live Alerts messaging system.

Users can receive alerts via their email, Windows Messenger or Windows Live Messenger programs or mobile device. Signing up for, and receiving, the alerts is free, and users can decide when they want to receive the notifications.

While Windows Live Alerts is a free service, users of mobile devices may be charged for messages by their cell provider. . .
Windows Live is the collective brand name for a set of services and software products from Microsoft. A majority of these services are Web applications, accessible from a browser, but there are applications that need installing as well. There are three basic groups of these services: informed, connected and protected experiences.

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Windows Live was announced on November 1, 2005. Several Windows Live properties were rebranded and enhanced from Microsoft’s MSN set of products and services. However, MSN still exists alongside Windows Live as a means of delivering programmed content (as opposed to customized content and communications).

Although the new branding might suggest closer technical ties to the Microsoft Windows operating system and services, the two are available separately. Microsoft said that Windows Live “is a way to extend the Windows user experience”. However, some Web browser based Windows Live applications are available outside of Windows, and Windows doesn’t include Windows Live applications either. Windows Vista does, however, provide a link in the Start menu to download Windows Live Messenger, after the removal of Windows Messenger.

Some released Windows Live services and programs include the Live Search search engine, the Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client, the Windows Live Hotmail webmail service, the Windows Live OneCare computer security service, and Windows Live Spaces.

Besides Windows Live, which is mainly aimed at individuals, there are some other Web properties from Microsoft that are branded as “Live”: Microsoft Office Live for small businesses, the Xbox Live multiplayer gaming and content delivery system for Xbox and Xbox 360, and the Games for Windows – LIVE multiplayer gaming service for Microsoft Windows.

As of 03-21-07, Microsoft has decided to separate its Live Search developments from its Windows Live services family, forming part of the Live Search and Ad Platform. Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search and MSN Search) will consolidate with Microsoft adCenter in a new group headed by Satya Nadella, part of Microsoft’s Platform and Systems division.

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