Disney Stands By Their Girl

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is the latest celebrity to have a compromising photo of her leaked to the web. According to her representative a nude photo that has been making the rounds on the Internet is of the 18-year-old star, and so far Disney is standing behind her.

The photo shows Hudgens standing naked in what appears to be a bathroom, with a red shower curtain behind her, according to the Associated Press.

“This was a photo which was taken privately,” Jill Fritzo, Hudgens’ publicist, to AP on Friday. “It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public.”

In less than two years, High School Musical has become a cottage industry for Disney, spawning albums, swag, a sequel and a show tour. . .Hudgens, co-star Zak Efron and others have been turning up on magazine covers and their collective star power appears to be rising fast. In the two TV movies, Hudgens played Gabriella, Efron’s character’s love interest. Hudgens and Efron are reportedly dating in real life.

Disney denied a published report that Hudgens will be dropped from the upcoming feature film “High School Musical 3,” which is in development, according to AP. Negotiations with the stars are not yet complete.

Disney had no further comment about the pictures.