Time was, if you wanted to score a hard-to-get ticket to “Jersey Boys” and were willing to pay five big ones, you had to do it either through furtive whispers on the sidewalk or hacking through the jungles of the Internet. But as of last week you could also pick up the ticket at a store on the edge of the theater district, according to the New York Times.

StubHub! opened a store on 40th Street near Broadway on Friday. Most of the producers and theater executives contacted about the store had no idea it had opened. (Granted, they’ve been a bit occupied lately with a possible strike by stagehands.) But their general reaction was a mix of curiosity and fatalism.

“My attitude is: That’s life,” said Paul Libin, the producing director of Jujamcyn Theaters. “There’s nothing I can do about it. ”

Their lack of alarm may be a sign of change along Broadway, where producers and theater owners once railed against the secondary ticket market as cashing in on a show’s rightful profits.

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