“Young Frankenstein” played seven previews last week, and although there’s no telling exactly how much money it made — producers have bucked Broadway tradition by declining to report sales figures — Variety estimates the musical scared up an impressive $1.5 million at the box office.

Of course, there’s also talk going around town of plenty of empty seats at the Hilton, where “Young Frankenstein” started previews Oct. 11, according to Variety. Such chatter speculates that second-party vendors snapped up tickets at the box office but now are having trouble offloading them.

In any event, it was a relatively strong week for the Rialto overall, with total sales up about $1.8 million (incorporating the “Frank” estimates). “Wicked” ($1,449,978) still topped the chart of confirmed numbers, while just below it, “Jersey Boys” ($1,284,622) broke the house record at the August Wilson yet again.

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