TicketNews announces its exclusive weekly Top 10s and analysis for the week of 11/12/07 – 11/18/07.


Event                             This Week   Last Week
Celine Dion                           1          N/A
Radio City Christmas Spectacular      2           2
Hannah Montana                        3           4
Wicked                                4           1
Jersey Boys                           5           5
Bon Jovi                              6           3
Dallas Cowboys                        7          N/A
Trans-Siberian Orchestra              8           6
Cirque Du Soleil                      9          N/A
Dancing with the Stars               10           10

Celine Dion may be winding down her Las Vegas residency, but it’s not
slowing down her ticket sales, plus the singer is benefiting from
decreased sales from some musicals, such as "Wicked" and "Jersey Boys"
that are seeing numbers decline due to the Broadway stagehands strike.

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Event                        This Week   Last Week
Dallas Cowboys                    1          4
Boston Celtics                    2          6
Green Bay Packers                 3          1
New York Knicks                   4          3
Kansas Jayhawks                   5         N/A
New York Rangers                  6          9
New York Giants                   7          2
2008 Olympics: Opening Ceremony   8         N/A
Pittsburgh Steelers               9          5
BCS: Rose Bowl                   10         N/A

There’s nothing like winning to keep sales strong. Just ask the
Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics and Green Bay Packers, all of whom are
off to torrid starts in their respective seasons. Also benefiting from a
strong season is the undefeated Kansas Jayhawks college football team.
The New York Rangers have righted the ship and are winning again, which
has boosted sales, but the exception to the list is the New York Knicks,
a team in turmoil but with strong ticket sales.


Event                          This Week   Last Week
Radio City Christmas Spectacular    1          2
Wicked                              2          1
Jersey Boys                         3          3
Young Frankenstein                  4          4
Lion King                           5          5
Andrea Bocelli                      6          7
Nutcracker                          7         N/A
Blue Man Group                      8         N/A
Phantom of the Opera                9          6
Mary Poppins                       10         N/A

Look for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular to continue to pull
strong numbers, in addition to national shows such as Blue Man Group, as
some musicals lose some ground because of the Broadway stagehands


Event                            This Week   Last Week
Radio City Christmas Spectacular     1           1
Wicked                               2           2
Young Frankenstein                   3           3
Jersey Boys                          4           4
Lion King                            5           5
Mary Poppins                         6           9
Little Mermaid                       7           7
How the Grinch Stole Christmas       8           8
Grease                               9           6
Nutcracker                          10          N/A

While there may not have been many changes in the ranking order,
ticket sales for Broadway shows were a fraction of what they would
normally be, due to the stagehands strike. Only the Radio City Christmas
Spectacular posted numbers comparable to previous weeks. Look for no
sales for Broadway shows next week.

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Event                         This Week   Last Week
Celine Dion                       1           9
Hannah Montana                    2           2
Bon Jovi                          3           1
Trans-Siberian Orchestra          4           3
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood      5          N/A
Bruce Springsteen                 6           6
Van Halen                         7           4
Dane Cook                         8           8
Matchbox Twenty                   9          N/A
Michael Buble                    10          N/A

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, Matchbox Twenty and Michael Buble all
recently announced/launched tours, which was reflected in their strong
ticket sales for the week. Look for the aforementioned Celine Dion, who
announced a major worldwide tour in 2008, to continue with impressive
sales in the coming weeks.


Event                       This Week   Last Week
Celine Dion: A New Day           1          1
Cirque Du Soleil - "O"           2          2
Cirque Du Soleil - "Love"        3          3
Blue Man Group                   4          7
Monty Python's Spamalot          5          6
Bette Midler                     6          4
V - The Ultimate Variety Show    7         N/A
Barry Manilow                    8         N/A
The Producers                    9         N/A
Le Reve                          10         8

There was no change in the Top 3, but V – The Ultimate Variety Show,
Barry Manilow and The Producers all returned to the chart with
impressive ticket sales.

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