By Alfred Branch, Jr.

The attorney spearheading the class action lawsuit against the MileyWorld fan club is wondering why the organizers of the Hannah Montana tour did not make more tickets available months ago.

Pittsburgh attorney Rob Peirce told TicketNews that he is scratching his head over the fact that the tour this week announced it has made 45,000 tickets available for the remaining shows. Peirce filed the class action lawsuit earlier this month against officials, alleging the organization misled members into thinking that they would have better access to tickets if they joined the $30 fan club.

“I do find it interesting that after the lawsuit was filed, and fans club members had complained about this for months, all of a sudden now 45,000 tickets are available,” Peirce said. MileyWorld publicist Meghan Prophet could not be reached for comment.

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MileyWorld emailed many of its members this week telling them that 45,000 tickets were now available for a limited time to shows scheduled for between Dec. 6 and Jan. 9. Those who received the email had been shut out when tickets were initially put on sale.

“THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE THAT ANY MILEYWORLD MEMBER WILL BE ABLE TO OBTAIN CONCERT TICKETS. As you probably know by now, the demand for tickets to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Tour has been unprecedented. However, MileyWorld members were able to obtain more than 200,000 concert tickets during the pre-sale periods as a result of their MileyWorld membership. Through this Special Offer, you now have another chance to become one of the lucky members who are able to experience Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus live. If you are still not able to obtain concert tickets as a result of this Special Offer, we understand that you may be disappointed. Please know that MileyWorld will continue its on-going efforts to create more opportunities for you to connect with Miley Cyrus and her web community and other activities,” the MileyWorld email stated.

The controversy over the lack of Hannah Montana tickets, and the high prices many of the available tickets fetched, has gripped not only the concert and ticketing industries, but also parents, children, state attorneys general and other politicians. In fact, the class action lawsuit Peirce filed is not the only one leveled by disgruntled parents.

“I find it curious that these tickets are now available two weeks after the lawsuit was filed,” Peirce said, adding he cannot comment as to whether this development would have any effect on the lawsuit. “Why didn’t they address these concerns months ago and release them?”

Hannah Montana shows for which additional tickets are now available:

December 6, 2007 Grand Rapids, MI
December 8, 2007 Rosemont, IL
December 9, 2007 Indianapolis, IN
December 11, 2007 Columbus, OH
December 13, 2007 Cincinnati, OH
December 15, 2007 Toronto, ON
December 16, 2007 Rochester, NY
December 19, 2007 Hartford, CT
December 20, 2007 Providence, RI
December 21, 2007 Worcester, MA
December 22, 2007 Worcester, MA
December 27, 2007 Uniondale, NY
December 28, 2007 Uniondale, NY
December 29, 2007 Newark, NJ
December 30, 2007 Newark, NJ
January 3, 2008 Cleveland, OH
January 4, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA
January 5, 2008 Atlantic City, NJ
January 7, 2008 Washington DC
January 8, 2008 Baltimore, MD
January 9, 2008 Albany, NY

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