By Alfred Branch, Jr.

There were no formal reports of overly intoxicated parents, but at least one parent is complaining about the Boardwalk Hall Arena’s decision to serve alcohol during the recent Hannah Montana show there.

In an email obtained by TicketNews, a Delaware parent named “Lisa” said that while her and her child enjoyed the January 5th show, she “was not impressed by the venue selling beer to the adults” during the concert. “This was not the place for booze.” Attempts to speak to Lisa directly were unsuccessful.

Stadiums and venues often grapple with the decision of whether to sell alcohol at events, with some sporting events cutting off beer sales at various times, or avoiding the sale of alcohol altogether.

Located in Atlantic City, NJ, the venue has a strict alcohol policy prohibiting the sale of such beverages to minors, but it decides on a case-by-case basis whether it will sell alcohol during specific events, according to Valarie McGonigol, director of marketing for the arena.

“The building makes the decision on whether to serve alcoholic beverages,” McGonigol told TicketNews, but added that she did not know what criteria the venue uses when making the decision. “We had a lot of parents there.”

Lisa’s email mentioned that there may have been a problem with a parent near her section who had bought beers at the show, but McGonigol said there were no reports of bad behavior. “None that I’m aware of.”

Boardwalk Hall also has a “Children’s Admission Policy,” it does not mention that alcohol is sometimes served during shows or events. The policy states, “While most shows do not mandate a minimum age requirement for attendees, we recommend parents and guardians consider certain factors or circumstances that their child may be exposed to during some events, such as increased noise levels, lasers, pyro, or fan behavior, that may frighten or confuse smaller children.”

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