Sold out shows provide an opportunity for brokers in the secondary ticket market, but finding available tickets is a large part of the struggle that brokers face. However, they now have a powerful new tool at their disposal. (TTS), is a website that alerts visitors to new ticket drops. Ticket drops are when additional tickets become available from the primary seller after an event has sold out. This often occurs because some tickets are withheld, or sometimes tickets are purchased and later canceled.

Drops can be anywhere from a few to dozens of tickets. TTS only monitors the most in demand events, so brokers able to acquire the dropped tickets can usually make a tidy profit. Brokers are able to just leave the TTS webpage open in their browser and wait for the horn to sound notifying them of the availability of new tickets.

TTS is generating some positive buzz in the broker community, and its creator, Aaron Song of, is hoping to grow the site in the future. As Song put it, “something needs to be done as there are so many brokers using it right now that people are often coming up with nothing despite the fact that they check the drops as soon as the TTS alarm goes off.”

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