Since it was founded in 2004, the internet social community Facebook has changed how people connect with family and friends around the world, and now the launch of a new application will allow people to share their concert going experiences. announced on this week that their new “Concert Attack” application that will give people the opportunity to easily look through concert pictures, reviews and even buy tickets to their favorite events. As with many Facebook applications, Concert Attack allows you to connect with your friend’s profile, this time with embellished videos of concert and fan moves like a “cheesy air guitar” or a “stage dive gone wrong”.

“We wanted a fun app that we would use ourselves,”’s founder Jason Cohen said in a press release. “Now I can Concert Attack my friends with an Emo Kid crying or go in for the kill and use the ’80s metal falsetto scream. At the same time, I’m checking out pictures of a Jimmy Eat World concert I went to and picking up tickets for Foo Fighters at the Garden.”

One of the first things people do after they attend a concert is share their experience with friends. Now those users of Facebook have the ability to upload their own pictures, videos and reviews and share them with other fans and make new friends along the way. Both the Facebook application and the main website can also be used by artists as another avenue to connect with their fans.

While Facebook has become popular social networking site with millions of users, it has also become an important tool for businesses to reach those potential consumers. According to a press release, more than 50 percent of Facebook users log onto the site each day and these applications allow companies access to them.

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