TicketNetwork, one of the secondary market’s leading sources for ticket inventory, recently launched a second, new Affiliate Program for ticket sellers, which joins the one powered by Kowabunga. The new program is powered by Commission Junction and gives affiliates, also known as publishers, two options for the type of program they want to use. Both carry the same industry high commission rate of 12.5 percent.

As ticket industry affiliate commissions go, the TicketNetwork Affiliate Program commission rate stands as one of the highest, higher than StubHub’s 8.0 percent, TicketsNow’s 7.0 percent, and Ticketmaster’s approximately 1.0 percent. The TicketNetwork Affiliate Program enables publishers to yield maximum revenue without cap restrictions on affiliate earnings on TicketNetwork sales. TicketNetwork’s inventory includes more than 4 million tickets to 71,000 events worldwide.

The affiliate program enables website publishers to place banners or text ads on their site that will direct traffic to TicketNetwork.com, and after a customer visits the affiliate site, clicks on a TicketNetwork.com ad and makes a purchase, the site owner will earn the commission, which is based on the listing price of the ticket, excluding service fees, shipping charges or taxes.

Average orders on TicketNetwork.com are about $350, so an affiliate or publisher stands to earn approximately $43.75 on an order of that size, compared to $3.50 earned through the Ticketmaster affiliate program, for example, which caps earnings at a maximum of $5 on orders above $500.

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“TicketNetwork is proud to offer publishers one of the highest commissions in the ticket industry” said Crystal Astrachan, Director of the TicketNetwork Publisher Program. “Our guarantee is to set up our publishers up for success. With 1000 publishers signed up through Commission Junction in its first week, the TicketNetwork is committed to running the largest growing program of its kind in the industry,” Astrachan added. “Our program understands the importance of having options. Online marketing professionals can now choose to join Commission Junction or KowaBunga.” TicketNetwork is the parent company of TicketNews.

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