David Lord, formerly the CEO of RazorGator’s Experiences division, has left the secondary ticket seller to become the President and CEO of the children’s educational software company Knowledge Adventure (KA).

Lord did not return a message at his new job seeking comment. The Torrance, CA-based educational company’s website was still listing David Blumstein as its CEO today, and Lord’s name was not included even though he has a phone extension at KA. News of the new position was first reported by SportsBusinessDaily.com.

Last year, Lord was replaced as RazorGator’s CEO by Jeffery Lapin, and Lord took over the company’s Experiences division. At the time, Lapin became RazorGator’s third President and CEO in less than four years. RazorGator, known for its popular sports travel packages to events such as the NCAA Final Four and The Masters, is currently ranked seventh among the nation’s leading secondary ticket sellers, according to TicketNews’s exclusive weekly rankings.

RazorGator spokespersons Toni Lamb and Melanie Gaeta did not return messages seeking comment.

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