The 2008 Broadway revival of South Pacific is an event to watch as it makes its way on to TicketNews’ exclusive rankings charts for the week of March 31 – April 7, 2008. The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, which opened on April 3, certainly made waves as it debuted in second place on the Top Broadway Events chart and in third on the Top Theater Events list, earning “South Pacific” twelfth place in the Overall Top Events Rankings

Other top events this week included the usual favorites: Wicked in first place, the New York Yankees in second, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in third. March Madness will culminate with the National Championship game between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Memphis Tigers tonight, April 7. The Jonas Brothers fell from first to fourth place this week, with the Boston Red Sox and Jersey Boys following in their wake in fifth and sixth place respectively.

The wide world of sports had its focus on baseball this week, as the New York Yankees headed up the Top Sports Events chart. The Boston Red Sox finished in third, with the Chicago Cubs in fourth and the New York Mets in sixth place. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament came in second on the list, and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Samsung 500 will drop from the charts after a final appearance in fifth place. Run on April 6, the Samsung 500 marked Carl Edwards’ third win of the season and a decisive victory over Jimmie Johnson.

On stage, “South Pacific” was bested only by “Wicked,” which finished in first place on both the Broadway and Theater charts. “Jersey Boys” steamed ahead of “South Pacific” on the Theater list, but trailed in its wake with a third place finish on the Broadway chart. The Lion King also put up a good show, as the Disney musical finished in fourth place on both lists.

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The Top Concert Events experienced some turmoil this week, as a group of new concert events made their way on to the scene. George Michael debuted in fourth place on the list, while Pearl Jam and Maroon 5 & the Counting Crows crept up in eighth and ninth place. The Jonas Brothers remained atop the chart from last week, while Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett rose to second and third place, respectively.

Lastly, the Top Las Vegas Events saw mostly smooth sailing as Cher and Bette Midler remained in first and second place. Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE climbed two positions to third place, which displaced Elton John to fourth place. Stay tuned to see whether your favorite events will sink or swim in next week’s rankings.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     Wicked Tickets 4.21
2 New York Yankees Tickets 4.08
3 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets 3.84
4 Jonas Brothers Tickets 3.81
5 Boston Red Sox Tickets 3.13
6 Jersey Boys Tickets 2.24
7 Kenny Chesney Tickets 1.73
8 Jimmy Buffett Tickets 1.65
9 George Michael Tickets 1.52
10 Dave Matthews Band Tickets 1.39

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     Jonas Brothers Tickets 8.08
2 Kenny Chesney Tickets 3.66
3 Jimmy Buffett Tickets 3.49
4 George Michael Tickets 3.24
5 Dave Matthews Band Tickets 2.98
6 Bon Jovi Tickets 2.74
7 Bruce Springsteen Tickets 2.49
8 Pearl Jam Tickets 1.69
9 Maroon 5 & Counting Crows Tickets 1.65
10 Avril Lavigne Tickets 1.64

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     New York Yankees Tickets 11.09
2 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets 10.47
3 Boston Red Sox Tickets 8.60
4 Chicago Cubs Tickets 2.67
5 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Samsung 500 Tickets 2.60
6 New York Mets Tickets 2.49
7 Kentucky Derby Tickets 2.09
8 Bernard Hopkins Tickets 2.08
9 WWE Tickets 1.68
10 UFC 83 Tickets 1.60

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     Wicked Tickets 32.31
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 17.63
3 South Pacific Tickets 9.46
4 Lion King Tickets 7.38
5 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 4.31
6 Little Mermaid Tickets 2.57
7 Young Frankenstein Tickets 2.15
8 Mamma Mia! Tickets 1.80
9 Macbeth Tickets 1.59
10 Blue Man Group Tickets 1.58

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     Wicked Tickets 32.26
2 South Pacific Tickets 15.39
3 Jersey Boys Tickets 13.15
4 Lion King Tickets 6.42
5 Little Mermaid Tickets 3.88
6 Young Frankenstein Tickets 3.58
7 Macbeth Tickets 2.71
8 Gypsy Tickets 2.62
9 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 2.48
10 La Boheme Tickets 2.26

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 04/06/2008

Event Score
1     Cher Tickets 38.01
2 Bette Midler: The ShowGirl Must Go On Tickets 14.26
3 Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE Tickets 13.05
4 Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets 12.70
5 Cirque du Soleil: “O” Tickets 6.14
6 Blue Man Group Tickets 2.21
7 Danny Gans Tickets 2.01
8 Phantom the Las Vegas Spectacular Tickets 1.43
9 Cirque du Soliel: Ka Tickets 1.17
10 Monty Python’s Spamalot Tickets 0.85

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