For the week of May 19 – May 25, 2008 Tina Turner, American Idols Live!, and Madonna were the top three events, according to...

For the week of May 19 – May 25, 2008 Tina Turner, American Idols Live!, and Madonna were the top three events, according to TicketNews’s exclusive rankings. With a power score of 5.93, Tina Turner showed she was simply the best through another week as the Overall Top Event. American Idols Live! made it “through to the next round” with a power score of 5.53, and rose a position from last week to second place. Rounding out the top three was pop queen Madonna, whose power score of 5.17 rose her up from fifth place to third place this week.

Wicked fell to fourth place this week with a power score of 3.99. The Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins finished in fifth and sixth place this week, with power scores of 3.62 and 3.01, respectively. The New York Yankees fell three places to finish in seventh this week, and earned a 2.11 power score. Other top events included the Belmont Stakes in eighth place with a score of 1.66, the Boston Red Sox, down two positions to ninth place with a score of 1.64, and the Boston Celtics, which held steady in tenth place with a power score of 1.55.

As of today, May 27, The Detroit Red Wings lead the Pittsburgh Penguins two games to none in the Stanley Cup Final. However, in the Top Sports Events rankings, the Penguins topped the chart with a power score of 9.05, while the Red Wings came in second place with a score of 8.55. The Yankees fell from first to third place this week with a power score of 6.34, and the Belmont Stakes climbed a position to fourth place with a power score of 5.01.

In theater news, “Wicked” remained in first place on both the Top Theater Events and Top Broadway Events lists, with power scores of 35.70 and 35.87, respectively. Jersey Boys, South Pacific, and Lion King filled out the top of both lists, ranking from second to fourth place on both. Phantom of the Opera placed fifth on the Top Theater list with a power score of 4.88, and the Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You placed sixth with a 3.28 score. Other Top Broadway Events this week included Little Mermaid in fifth place again this week with a score of 3.59, and Young Frankenstein, which rose two positions to sixth place with a 2.30 power score.

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The top three Concert Events this week consisted of the same trio that led the Overall Top Events chart. Tina Turner placed first with a power score of 11.29, American Idols Live! came in second with a 10.53 score, and Madonna’s 9.85 power score was good enough for a third place finish. Neil Diamond came in fourth place with a power score of 2.83, and Kenny Chesney climbed up three places to finish in fifth with a score of 2.77.

Top Las Vegas Events this week included Cher in first place for another week straight, with a massive power score of 42.18. Bette Midler placed second with a 23.89 power score, and Elton John: The Red Piano came in third with a power score of 13.46. Cirque du Soleil – “O” remained in fourth place with a score of 4.87, and Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: LOVE remained in fifth with a 3.32 power score.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Tina Turner Tickets5.93
2American Idols Live! Tickets5.53
3Madonna Tickets5.17
4Wicked Tickets3.99
5Detroit Red Wings Tickets3.62
6Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets3.01
7New York Yankees Tickets2.11
8Belmont Stakes Tickets1.66
9Boston Red Sox Tickets1.64
10Boston Celtics Tickets1.55

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Tina Turner Tickets11.29
2American Idols Live! Tickets10.53
3Madonna Tickets9.85
4Neil Diamond Tickets2.83
5Kenny Chesney Tickets2.77
6The Eagles Tickets2.46
7George Michael Tickets2.33
8Dave Matthews Band Tickets1.76
9Jonas Brothers Tickets1.71
10Cher Tickets1.57

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets9.05
2Detroit Red Wings Tickets8.55
3New York Yankees Tickets6.34
4Belmont Stakes Tickets5.01
5Boston Red Sox Tickets4.93
6Boston Celtics Tickets4.67
7Chicago Cubs Tickets3.77
8San Antonio Spurs Tickets3.31
9Los Angeles Lakers Tickets3.25
10UFC 84 Tickets2.08

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Wicked Tickets35.70
2Jersey Boys Tickets13.91
3South Pacific Tickets7.89
4Lion King Tickets7.52
5Phantom of the Opera Tickets4.88
6We Will Rock You Tickets3.28
7Little Mermaid Tickets2.00
8Dirty Dancing Tickets1.79
9The Color Purple Tickets1.46
10Young Frankenstein Tickets1.28

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Wicked Tickets35.87
2Jersey Boys Tickets16.64
3South Pacific Tickets14.14
4Lion King Tickets9.24
5Little Mermaid Tickets3.59
6Young Frankenstein Tickets2.30
7Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.15
8Grease Tickets1.44
9Monty Python’s Spamalot Tickets1.39
10Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tickets1.22

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 05/25/2008

1Cher Tickets42.18
2Bette Midler: The ShowGirl Must Go On Tickets23.89
3Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets13.46
4Cirque du Soleil: “O” Tickets4.87
5Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE Tickets3.32
6Cirque du Soleil: KA Tickets2.75
7David Copperfield Tickets2.45
8Phantom the Las Vegas Spectacular Tickets0.76
9Robin Williams Tickets0.60
10Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity Tickets0.57

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