Residents of Tulsa, OK may soon find it difficult to resell tickets, because the city council is in the process of drafting an ordinance which would make it illegal to resell tickets within city limits.

Under the Oklahoma State Constitution, it is up to individual cities within the state to draw up their own ticketing laws. Tulsa’s proposed ordinance would make it illegal for tickets to be resold outside of concert venues within the city limits. The proposed ordinance is in response to the upcoming opening of a new 18,000-seat arena called the BOK Center.

At the most recent committee meeting, according to the Tulsa World newspaper, Councilman Bill Christiansen claimed that allowing free ticket resale is “unfair” to consumers. “Tulsa citizens paid for the BOK Center, and they all deserve to be able to buy tickets for a reasonable price.”

The ordinance would not be the first within the state of Oklahoma to limit ticket resale. The state’s capital, Oklahoma City, currently has stipulations in place that limit the price of a resold ticket to no greater than 50 cents over its face value. Violation of the Oklahoma City ordinance carries a $750 fine.

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In recent months, several states and municipalities have reconsidered their ticket reselling laws, or have sought to add new taxes to resold tickets.

It appears as if the proposed Tulsa ordinance would not apply to internet sales, focusing only on street scalping, or tickets resold in person. The ordinance is currently being drawn up, and is expected to be presented to the council in the near future.

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