Aerosmith fans might not have to wait for an official 2009 tour announcement much longer. Earlier this week, band frontman Steven Tyler hinted that the band already has cemented plans to hit the road in the New Year.

“The tour is booked for March or April, I believe it starts, and then we eat the States,” Tyler said, according to a statement on the band’s official fan site, “I think there are some outside gigs, but not as much as last year when we did Dubai and India and wound up in Russia.”

The veteran rockers’ have not announced an itinerary for the upcoming spring 2009 tour. However, a presale for fans could be in the works. At the end of the statement, a note directed fan club members: “Check your memberships and make sure your account information is correct. We don’t want you to lose your senority [sic].”

Aerosmith is expected to enter the studio at the end of September to begin work on a new studio record, the follow-up to 2004’s cover album “Honkin’ on Bobo.” The band’s last album of new original material was “Just Push Play” in 2001.

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According to Tyler, the new material will maintain the band’s signature sound. “Just your usual Aerosmith, you can’t tame it, rocking out, in your face music,” he stated.

Since first hitting the road in the early 1970s, Aerosmith has established itself as a touring band, taking only a few breaks from the road over the years. However, 2008 marks the first time since the mid-’90s the band has not toured for even a portion of the year. Previously, the longest time the band was off the road was from the time the Get A Grip Tour wrapped in 1994 until the Nine Lives Tour started up in 1997.

The rockers’ last show of their 2007 tour was scheduled for September 26 in Kahului, HI. However, the band cancelled the show due to traveling inconveniences, which stirred controversy and a class action lawsuit led by ticket buyers for the nixed show.